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Tourism Sustaining Biodiversity

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) financing gap is $2.5 trillion annually. In the Philippines alone, there is an 80% funding gap to address the needs of protected and conserved areas, and only 35% of protected areas have updated management plans. Global best practices have shown that tourism, when managed properly, can be a self-sustaining solution, and help conserve areas at minimal public cost. Technology can further scale and institutionalize systems and practices that promote sustainability. 


The accelerated and unprecedented growth of nature-based travel has built a tradition of over-tourism—where the very locals, species and ecosystems we have been trying to protect have become collateral damage to travelers’ demands. Nature and its residents have largely suffered from the environmentally and socially negligent behaviors of many tourists. Many destinations fail to determine and enforce carrying capacities and limits of acceptable change, rendering a net negative effect on destinations.


We also aim to spread tourist traffic and the benefits of sustainable tourism to more areas that can benefit from it. We aim to provide avenues for underrepresented destinations to provide the right information, expectations and policy reinforcements and experiences to the traveling community. At the same time, we help in the digital transformation of protected and conserved area management which improve productivity.

Leave It Better

Changing Mindsets

The accelerated and unprecedented growth of travel has built a tradition of overtourism. Nature and its residents have largely suffered from the environmentally and socially negligent behaviors of many tourists, who forget that travel is the privilege of visiting someone else's home. The Leave It Better campaign invites travelers and travel stakeholders to commit to a more sustainable tourism industry that is aware and sensitive to the needs and strengths of the biodiversity and the integrity of naturescapes in the Philippines. We must go beyond leaving no trace in each place—we must leave it better.


Stay tuned for updates! Our sustainable tourism campaign will be launched in 2020.

VISITA Tech Suite

Changing Behaviors

The website and app integrate biodiversity protection and sustainable tourism through a digital visitor management system which is free-to-use for destinations.

Destination managers professionalize and digitize their visitor registration process to enable education, policy reinforcement, monitoring of carrying capacity, and data collection and management.

Coming soon

Stay tuned for more details on the launch of the VISITA website and app!