Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Here are some useful FAQs to help you request a visit to one of our featured VISITA destinations

Destination Managers

Here are useful FAQs to help you join VISITA as one of our featured destinations

How do I request for a visit?

Read about the destination of your choice, its policies, and other key information

Click request for a visit button

Select the experience and schedule of your preference

What happens after I request for a visit?

After successfully submitting a visit request, guests will receive a QR code which they need to present upon arrival at the destination.

Will I be able to edit the guest details after I receive the QR code?

Yes, once at the registration, the frontliners will have you double check the guest details to avoid misspellings and incorrect visitor categories. In case you wish to replace a visitor fr

Can I cancel, refund or reschedule my visit after registration?

All payments are non-refundable regardless of reason. Cancellations in lieu of severe weather conditions may be made by the destination management to secure safety. Rescheduling may be done in these instances. Kindly contact the destination manager to check rescheduling options.

I did not receive the QR code upon registration. What should I do?

First, kindly check your spam folder as the message may have been sent to this folder. If it is still not there, kindly send an email to contact@visita.org.ph

What are the contents of VISITA's Waiver of liability?

The guest, representing all members of his or her party, agree that in consideration for receiving permission to visit the destination and experiences, that the guests voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risks of loss, property damage or personal injury, including death, that may be sustained by the guest as a result of participating in the said activity, whether supervised or unsupervised; that they further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the destination management for any loss, liability, judgement, settlement, damage or cost that may result from their participation in the said activity. The guests likewise cannot hold the destination responsible for failure to provide basic facilities and services in the events of emergencies, natural catastrophes, interruptions of public utilities, acts of God, war, fire, government regulations, civil disorder or other circumstances beyond its control.

Which destinations are open for visits?

Our partner destinations that have available "Request to Visit" buttons on their page are already open for visits. 

This is for QA purposes

This is for QA purposes

This is for QA purposes

What is Visita?

Visita is a platform for sustainable tourism where tourists can discover and explore nature-based destinations all over the Philippines. The project aims to empower destination managers and tourists to shape the future of their destinations through a professionalized and digitized registration process.

Why should I join Visita?

Aside from the benefits of allowing the Destination Manager to Manage Visit requests digitally, track carrying capacity, manage and report data securely, reinforce visitor policies, store data securely, assign agents and slot allocations, improve frontliner productivity, Check-in visitors through the visita frontliner app, Visita allows the destination to be a part of a movement to bring all destinations into the mindset of environmental sustainability as demand and opportunity for tourism grows.

How do I join Visita?

We would love to have you as one of our destination partners! Kindly send us an email at join@visita.com to know more about how you can be one of our sustainable destinations under Visita.